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Specially designed to the medical needs of women

Well Woman Examinations means being in the forefront and taking proactive, preventive care of yourself and working with your healthcare provider to retain your optimum good health status, identifying health risks to your well-being, and capturing potential problems before they become life-threatening conditions. Women’s health care can be more complex. But our clinic is equipped to conduct comprehensive clinical tests for women. For your well woman’s care, we provide you with the following services as and if needed:

Pap Smear Tests

Experts recommend women aged 21 to 65 to undergo Pap smear tests every three years. This test detects cervical cancer by collecting cells from the cervix. Usually done with a pelvic exam or HPV test, a Pap smear also looks into the changes in cervical cells to identify the risk of getting cervical cancer.

Determining the risks of cervical cancer early on increases the chances of getting cured. Visit or call our clinic today to schedule your Pap smear appointment.

Clinical Breast Exam

A clinical breast exam detects lumps in the breast to determine the early onset of potential breast cancer. Our healthcare specialists are trained to recognize several types of abnormalities and warning signs in the breast. We can also train you to conduct breast self-exam at home for continual monitoring.


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